Corporate Wellness Solutions

Corporate Wellness Days

We offer premium wellness days, with a host of benefits and risk analysis, there-by increasing staff wellness. Why have a boring wellness day when you can implement a world-class event that is aimed at proactively increasing staff productivity and decreasing absenteeism.Read more

Employee Assistance Program

Our Employee Assistance Program offers a huge variety of services at unbeatable rates. Give your staff access to trauma counselling, eye screening, dental screening, TB screening, online health support from dietitians and personal trainers, and so much more. Can you afford not to have this offer?Read more

Risk Analysis

With our unique and completely FREE H.E.L.P assessment, we can uncover the deep-seated reasons behind any lack of productivity among potential top-performers. Our aim is to bring the best out of your employees, empowering at both a grass-root and managerial level. This is a crucial feature of any wellness days and the upper management the upper hand.


We offer a free Lifestyle and Performance Assessment providing insight into the Financial well-being, mental state, engagement levels and physical health of employee’s. We then propose a strategic approach to rectify problem areas and increase productivity, morale and staff retention.    

Result Driven

We provide custom health and company wellness dashboards to monitor, predict and analyse individual and group over all wellness. All our medical testing, risk analysis and assessments, with fiscal, mental and physical results are rolled up into a user friendly dashboard which show the organisation where the problem areas lie. In this dashboard we provide massive drill down capability and high level overviews, giving the corporation the ability to make fast, accurate and educated wellness decisions.

Customised Solutions

We will customise any solution for your company wellness program, and base it around your industry. From large once off wellness days, to small events, we are experts in the field. We also customise employee benefits, from free personal training to free wellness days from as little as R17 per employee per month.

Trans Continental Reach

We can cater to any company in Africa. If you have a large corporation with satellite offices in Nigeria, we will make sure they receive an equally impressive company wellness event as your local office.

178Service Providers
125Trainers and Medical Staff
5740Transformed Clients
3890Completed Wellness Days


The aim of Company Wellness Solutions is to explore and identify your company’s unique challenges preventing peak performance. We begin with an anonymous assessment cal led the H.E.L.P assessment . This will measure health, engagement , lifestyle and presenteeism. We offer this service completely free of charge with no obligation on the part of the employer .
Using feedback from the H.E.L.P assessment your company is recommended certain corrective protocols. Should your company not have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) we will sign you up. This is a holistic program that is designed for the South African market ensuring staff perform at their best, for the absolute lowest price. Should you already have an EAP in place we will manage it and drive utilisation on behalf of your provider.

Next a project plan will be created and briefing sessions booked in order to implement your roll-out plan. Suggested options may include an EWP (employee wellness program), EAP (Employee Assistance Program), wellness days, team building and/or workshops.

Your wellness program will be tailored to your specific needs and budget while offering a great ROI. Gone are the days of redundant wellness days offering little in the way of tangible results; welcome the era of proactive wellness, encouraging high levels of productivity and camaraderie, there-by decreasing both absenteeism and presenteeism.

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