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Employee Wellness MUST Increase Productivity And Decrease Absenteeism COMPANY WELLNESS


Our Employee Wellness program is designed for each individual company. We follow a standard protocol which has put us above the rest. First we assess using our FREE H.E.L.P Assessment, this will enable us to gauge exactly where your company stands. We then put a project plan together, and follow through with ACTION. Employee wellness is not as cut and dry as most people think. With CWS we believe in tangible results from your employee wellness program.


Applying Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to our employee wellness program suggests we focus on the physically well-being of the individual by ensuring their basic bodily functions, such as sight and hearing are at optimal levels. We also establish awareness of virulent diseases such as TB and HIV. We also focus on the individuals self-esteem by providing them with the necessary tool to become fit and healthy thus increasing ones confidence. Employee wellness should be available for everyone.


Our Employee Assistance Program addresses 5 aspects of employee wellness that are needed on a day-to-day basis in South Africa. Counselling, legal advice, financial assist, fitness and nutrition are all bundled in to our EAP. We live in stressful times and your employees may need someone to speak to when they are experiencing difficulties. Let us take their stress away so they can focus on doing their jobs and you won’t need to worry about your employees’ mental and physical well-being.



We are the most comprehensive employee wellness program provider in Africa. With hundreds of different options and we can provide any form of wellness across any location. If you are looking for a turnkey wellness partner, look no further. Corporate wellness days, EAP, Employee Wellness Programs, Project plans and more…
  • We have been providing  customised wellness solutions for over 10 years.
  • We have over 150 independent service providers.
  • Full Turnkey wellness provider customising solutions for any sized corporate client.
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