Corporate Wellness Solutions


Whether you want a once-off wellness day or are in need of implementing an EAP, we offer tried and tested programs that are highly beneficial to both the company and the individual. 


We pride ourselves on our flexibility, an aspect of our company that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. We will work towards your goals and customise an event or program that is specific to your industry. We will help you with both increasing staff productivity and lowering absenteeism.


Our rewards programs can be structured to help with client retention or to grow your existing client base in a specific market. Offering rewards to existing and potential customers is a great way to spike interest rapidly. Everyone loves discounts!



Our aim is to become a house-hold name in the wellness industry, enabling all size companies to implement an effective and budget-friendly wellness solution and employee assistance program. We also strive to offer the rest of the country unbelievable free rewards, through our clients and customers service offerings, there-by encouraging growth and customer retention.
Wellness Ideas
Wellness is a buzz word, but what does it really mean for your company? When we implement an internal wellness program we have 3 aims in mind.


1: To uncover underlying and potential health risks in order to assess company wellness risks.

2: To put together a plan of action in order to create a road map to increased productivity and decreased absenteeism rate.

3: To monitor absenteeism rate and follow through with assistance plans, thereby reducing over-all sick days taken, due to physical and psycho-social needs.

External Rewards
Our rewards program is designed to help your company retain it’s current customer base and increase it substantially by offering unique rewards such as discount systems, freebies, and more
Physical Wellness Days80
Employee Assistance70
Rewards and Customer Growth65

Easy Wellness Days

Our company wellness days are ahead above the rest. With over 170 different service offerings, at the best prices available, we are your one-stop wellness solution. From medical biometric testing, like cholesterol and glucose, to holistic add-on’s like live blood analysis, we take the pain out of organising a wellness day. Read more

Employee Assistance Programs

Starting at only R4.00 per person, we offer a unique EAP from both the physical aspects, such as free dental screening, through to the psycho-social aspects, such as telephonic trauma counselling. Stop paying a fortune for these services and get your company on board todayRead more


Our rewards program is specifically designed to be customisable to your specific needs. Whether it is aimed at blue collar, white collar or both, we can custom build a program that will both build brand trust and attractiveness. Everyone loves free stuff and discounts, and with us you will get the best of both. Starting from only R5.00 per person, per month.Read more

Team Building

Our team building service are vast and extensive. From fun days with inflatables to structured team building with specific goals in sight, we will make sure your staff compliment never forget the valuable lessons built in their team building events. Our aim is to inspire, motivate and report on leader potential.Read more