It is safe to say spring is in full bloom and with lock-down regulations easing, we are finally allowed out and about. Being in lock-down consisted of endless snacking and not leaving the comfort of our homes. While the snacking and couch time was definitely very comfortable, there was a lack of exercise. As the gyms are slowly reopening, everyone is eager to get back into that routine, here are a few tips for getting back into your gym routine.

1.) Do not have high expectations.

You will not be capable of the exercise that you were before lockdown. As mentioned before, partnered with lockdown was an increase in inactivity. Do not have high expectations of your capabilities of exercise. As a person who was exercising pre-COVID-19, their bodies would have declined in physical “fitness”. This process is called “falling out of shape “or deconditioning. This is by no means permanent and you can get back on track in no time.

2.) Be patient.

Falling “out of shape” happens very quickly and getting into shape again tends to take a little longer. You will need to be patient with the progress as it is benefiting you to become fitter and healthier again. Consistency is key when trying to get back into an exercise routine. Instead of focusing on the effort of the exercise, focus on the outcome of being healthy.

3.) Do not overdo the exercise.

Doing too much exercise initially when trying to get back into it, can overwhelm you mentally or physically. Even if you were exercising 5 to 6 days a week, starting off slow again with exercise, 2 to 3 days a week will be a great start. Gradually getting back into an exercise routine is going to help you create a solid habit that will last longer.

4.) Set goals to keep you focused and committed.

Setting goals to get back into your fitness routine can be the best motivation that you can have. Committing to goals will also make the change seem more possible, especially when you feel like you cannot see the end. Making small reachable goals will give you great motivation and reaching these goals will give you the self-confidence you need to get back to your “pre-COVID-19” fitness levels.