Heart awareness is the ability to feel and understand one’s emotions. It may also refer to “mindfulness of heart,” which is a state in mindfulness meditation where an individual becomes aware of their feelings, moods, thoughts about oneself and others while being nonjudgmental.

We all know that the heart is important. It is responsible for pumping blood through our bodies and keeping us alive. But did you know there are some other benefits to remembering?

One benefit of being mindful about your heart is a decrease in anxiety or depression symptoms after just two weeks of practice. The more aware we become of things like breathing rhythms and heartbeat patterns. The better able we are to process stressful thoughts as they arise from everyday life. Which will also lead to less emotional reactivity during events such as  traffic jams frustrations on the commute home.

5 Heart-healthy meals ready in less than 30 minutes

Spaghetti with sardines and cherry tomatoes

In just 10 minutes, create this easy and healthy dish to enjoy. This quick fish recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal because it’s low in sugar and saturated fat—perfectly nutritious with minimal effort! Get the recipe Here.

Stir-fried ginger beef with peppers

This dish is a hot and spicy way to get your five-a-day. It’s packed with vegetables as well as authentic fiery Asian flavors, making it low in fat, saturated fat salt and sugar! Get the recipe Here.

Salmon pate

If you have leftover poached salmon in the fridge, try this healthy and delicious pate. You can serve it with bread or crackers to make a great appetizer for loved ones! Get the recipe Here.

Red plum compote

Enjoy this versatile red plum compote hot with rice pudding as a winter warmer or low-fat yoghurt in the summer. Use fresh ripe plums to keep the added sugar content down. Get the recipe Here.

Grilled mackerel with mustard sauce

The dish is high in fat and saturated fats, but it’s the type of fatty acids found in oily fish that reduces heart disease. Eating oily or whitefish forms part of a Mediterranean diet which has been shown to reduce coronary artery disease risk factors (like blood pressure). Add some vegetables on the side for extra nutrition! Get the recipe Here.

So, ready to live your life with heart awareness? Great! Here are some tips on how

  • Meditate for 10-15 minutes a day and take note of any sensations that arise in the body or thoughts that come up during this period. This will help develop self-awareness so we can learn more about what triggers us emotionally. What pushes our buttons and makes us act out when it would be healthier not to do so.


  • Practice being mindful throughout your daily routine. notice sights, sounds, smells but also physical feelings like tightness in chest muscles or heaviness (of head). Notice moods as well- if feeling lighthearted at work one moment then feel dreadfully stuck after.


  • Heart-centered living and the importance of self-compassion. Self-compassion is vital in heart-centered living. When we are compassionate with ourselves, it enables us to love others more authentically and forgive them easier when they make mistakes or hurt our feelings.


Every day, we are faced with challenges that are both difficult and necessary to overcome. Such as dealing with the loss of a loved one. It is important for us as human beings not only to find ways on how to cope but also to grow stronger in confronting these obstacles head-on.

There are many different paths you can take when trying to explore your inner self: journaling, meditation, even going out into nature, or practicing gratitude therapy. All of which will help stimulate your emotional health while allowing yourself some space away from external influences like social media or work stressors.