A toxic person can be described as someone whose behavior adds negativity and upset to your life. Toxic people typically deal with their own stresses or traumas – and act through ways that do not present themselves well.


Why it is important to cut toxic people out of your life

Chances are, toxic people have caused a strain in your life too. Toxic relationships negatively impact you and make it difficult to focus on anything else, including work or friends.
They cause anger over small things that would not bother most of us, such as; resentment towards loved ones when we are not getting enough attention from them – and even shame about how much time may have been wasted with this person.


Here are some signs to look out for

1. They lie
Sometimes people exaggerate or lie to mask their low self-esteem, but toxic behavior is a repeated pattern of deceit that cannot be ignored. Toxic individuals are consistently dishonest about small things to use them as a manipulative tool for personal gain.

2. They are manipulative and controlling
Manipulative people may be difficult to detect. They might come off as outright selfish and coercive, or they use subtle methods like gaslighting that make you doubt yourself for their own gain by taking control of the situation in some way.

3. They always have to be right
A toxic person will always have a defense. They tend to blame other people or tell lies before admitting when they were wrong – even if you can see the error of your ways right away. But this does not mean we should ignore those that are harmful.

4. They disrespect your boundaries
Toxic people can never understand the difference between boundaries and oppression. Toxic personalities thrive on being contrary to everyone’s wishes, including their own – because it satisfies the need for power imbalance that they cannot live without.

5. They are judgemental
Toxic people love to criticize, gossip and they rarely have anything nice to say about anyone. Their thoughts are focused on other peoples’ flaws. So they can boost their own self-esteem or mask the feeling of jealousy.

6. They are always the victim
Toxic people are always finding ways to avoid taking personal responsibility. They blame others for their problems and would rather mope around than solve the issues that keep them down in life. Toxic people crave sympathy from other people so they can feel better about themselves.


How to cut toxic people out of your life

– Choose your method of communication; toxic people are more likely to become aggressive when you meet them in person. Socializing on public grounds can reduce this chance, so if things turn sour, walk away.

– If you truly care for the person, consider distance rather than complete removal. You need to assess your relationship on a scale of toxicity. Some negative relationships – such as friends and colleagues, can be improved simply by creating space.

– Accept that it may take time, do not let a toxic person change the way you care for your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Take necessary precautions by distancing yourself from them as much as possible so they cannot hurt you anymore before cutting all ties completely.

– Do not argue; if someone tries to do this or make a scene, firmly restate your boundaries. End the interaction politely and make sure they know you won’t be negotiating for them not being around anymore.