The December holidays are the most indulgent time of year – with travel, shopping, and eating reaching their annual peak. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this means it is a great opportunity for people who can take some deserved R&R (rest & relaxation) from work.


Make this festive season your most sustainable yet with these three tips

1. Send e-cards to your loved ones
Sending out cards this year? One way to go eco-friendly is by ditching the traditional ones and opting for an e-card instead.

2. Give more sustainable festive gifts
This year, spoil your loved ones (and the environment) by shopping for more eco-friendly presents.
You do not have to be overly complex or stressed when you shop!

3. Plan a sustainable, zero-waste festive feast
We all know that feeling of going a little overboard during the festive season when you cannot help yourself from shopping and cooking more than what will be consumed, so if you are hosting this year – plan!

Write down who will be attending and try to prepare only what your guests will eat. If there are any leftovers, share them with neighbors or friends.


Affordable and simple sustainable DIY festive decorating ideas

1. An eco-friendly tree
You can make your own Christmas tree decorations by collecting items from around the house and using a hook to hang them. You can also collect plywood rings, knotted ropes, or other materials designed for this purpose. These creative ideas cost next to nothing but add such an extra touch at home during celebrations time.

2. Look to your garden
See which plants and flowers from your garden have the potential to become prime table centerpieces. For a dinner party – pair with candles for an elegant look or use some green leaves as decoration.

3. Fabric crackers
These festive DIY Christmas crackers are so easy. All you need is leftover linen (or any fabric) and some string. Sew an image onto the material, then attach it to a stick for decoration around your house this holiday season – there is no wrong way of doing it as they are meant to be customizable.


More ideas to add to your list

4. Old paper deco and tinsel stars
Old paper – why not turn old paper into beautiful décor to hang on the tree this year? Fold a page in two and cut out half of what you want (i.e., tree, star, or snowflake). Cut more than one copy from each design, then place them together with staples down the middle so they can become standing decorations for tables or a Christmas tree.

Tinsel stars – this 2D wall design is easy to do and saves so much space. All you need is a long piece of tinsel (your choice of color). Layout your star (or tree, or any other shape you desire) against the wall, and stick decorations that will go on top.

Use transparent tape for sticking the stars or other shapes into place with Prestik adhesive. You can also use; light strings in various colors if desired – these can create a beautiful glow after dark.

5. Using old glassware
Give your home a designer makeover with pretty glassware and tins. Use them to store candles, fairy light ornaments, and other décor items that can go on display in style. Dipped-top jars work well for display. You can spray paint them lightly before sticking jewelry or glitter; this way only light shines through – making these vases look even more elegant.

6. Wall decals and stickers
Wall decals and stickers are the best way to stick your art on a wall without damage. Alternatively, get some water paint; that is easy to remove from walls (just a bit of hot water and soap) and let the kids come up with their own artistic creations.