Boost Your Body’s Natural Defences

Boosting your body’s natural defences should be always top of mind especially with the times we find ourselves in. Living in a COVID-19 world, making a conscious effort to strengthen your body’s immune system against the Corona Virus is just as important as fighting off the flu.

To build a strong natural defence, you need to understand why protecting your body’s first line of defence is key. According to Discovery Health’s Head of the Centre for Clinical Excellence, viruses mutate and form stronger combinations, replicating themselves to take stronger hold within the body. If this happens without a defence, our body’s tissues, including organs, experience inflammation and damage. This results in various levels of illness.

Incorporating healthy habits into your routine can add to strengthening your immune system. Here’s how to keep your body’s natural defences strong and in check:

  • Keep a diet rich in fruits and vegetables: Start small and introduce nutritious and colourful snacks into your meal plans. Avoid going cold turkey from your usual diet, this makes it easier to manage a healthier eating plan.
  • Get enough sleep: without an adequate amount of sleep, the body cannot fight off infections as effectively as it should. Develop a healthy bedtime routine, that involves winding down and keeping gadgets outside of your bedroom.
  • Incorporate exercise into your routine: Exercise is also an immune system’s best friend. Add a form of exercise to your day-to-day activities to impact the immune system’s function in a positive way.
  • Eliminate potential stressors: We cannot avoid stressful situations but mitigating potential issues that add negatively to your immune function can help. Finding ways to relax are as simple as downloading a meditation app or breathing exercises between meetings.

Keeping your immune system in check can be beneficial to you and your loved ones. Not only is it beneficial to your health but your overall wellbeing.