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3 Simple Ways To Get Your Resolution On Track

If you have already dropped the New Year’s resolution ball, you are one of many and in good company. An estimated 80% of people ditch their resolution plans by February or March. But even if you have fallen slightly or completely off track you can still get back to it. In today’s world there is no shortage of advice from health professionals about how to restart your resolution goals but for me it comes down to three main things:

1. Find like – minded people – there is I think the most important rule. E become the people we hang out with, so surround yourself with people or friends how have got this healthy lifestyle thing figured out. Not only ill their choices and priorities inspire you, but they could also give you good pointers on eating ell and how to make exercise more enjoyable. If you do not find it enjoyable it makes it extra hard to stick to your resolution.

2. Expect to stumble. You are going to get side-tracked from your goal from time to time if you are hard on yourself just forgive yourself and move on.

Take a period of time and see what works for you, also find things that keep you motivated and help you keep on track. Let me give you an example find a fitness influencer that either inspires or motivates you on social media click like or follow, at the end its your support. Or reward yourself with a smoothie or a healthy recipe cookbook.

During this time make mental notes of hat worked well and hat didn’t and use it to make the right adjustments.

3. This one is also important, be patient. Routine creates habits and this of course takes time. Habits take about 3 weeks to create but everyone is different. So, for some it may take more time and for others it could be less. But during that time remind yourself of your motivations for setting your goals and just be patient with yourself.

Just because your resolution got off to a bumpy start doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. There’s a reason you made that goal, you want to be a healthier version of yourself and that goal is worth working towards, so keep going!