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7 Ways To Prevent Fitness FOMO
Achieving your fitness goals

Achieve your fitness goals: 7 ways to prevent fitness FOMO

Achieving our fitness goals after what has been a challenging two years is easier said than done. Spending so much time at home has probably disturbed our fitness routines and we may have to brush up on our form again.

Before we get our fitness on, it’s important to not let social media get the best of us. Sure, the occasional fitness accounts we follow on Instagram can give us a boost of motivation but sometimes they can bombard us with the wrong kind of motivation. Not to mention the Facebook statuses we see of our friends who’ve completed a full workout session!

It’s important to get our fitness goals right in order to achieve the best version of ourselves. Before the FOMO (fear of missing out) kicks in, we’ve put together some fun fitness tips to get us on the right track.

  • Do schedule your workouts. Like most things in life, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Plot your workout sessions in your calendar, whether you work out from home or the gym. This keeps us consistent. It’s also easy to silence those reminders on our phone, which is why packing our gym clothes the night before keeps us accountable.
  • Don’t overdo it. It’s good to set goals but be realistic. Establish what works for you and your body before setting your fitness goals.
  • Do be intentional. Understanding the purpose of our fitness goals can help us get the best results. Having a specific goal can help us pick the right workout that lines up with our purpose.
  • Don’t feel intimidated. We’ve all been there before – feeling pumped for your session and the confidence fades fast as soon as you see you’re wedged between two fast runners on the treadmill. Which is why home workouts are the way to go for many. Even if we get our form wrong, we can practice without feeling the pressure. Whether at the gym or at home, try to work out with a buddy or exercise during off-peak hours. Remember everyone starts somewhere.
  • Do get an accountability partner. Skipped your workout again? The buddy system busts the need for excuses. Whether in-person or virtual, when someone is counting on you to meet them at the gym, it’s a lot harder to skip!
  • Don’t just focus on one area. It’s easy to neglect some body parts and over work others.
  • There’s nothing wrong with working out one body part per day. However, it might be more efficient to design a workout that targets different muscle groups on different days of the week.