Company Wellness Solutions, South Africa’s premium corporate health and wellness company, has partnered with Altron Health, arguably one of South Africa’s most influential health-tech groups, to bring a compelling new wellness APP to South Africa. 

The APP will focus on allowing most people living within South Africa access to premium mental health and physical wellness advice from professionals.

Traditionally, access to mental health services, nutrition, fitness, and general wellness has come with a premium price. What compounds this is the fact that mental health issues are experienced by a frighteningly large portion of our country, and with life becoming increasingly stressful in sunny South Africa, we simply cannot afford to make mental health and wellness services unattainable for the masses.

This is where Company Wellness Solutions and Altron Health have decided to join forces and bring to market a unique application offering instant access to highly qualified experts at a monthly rate that is cheaper than one cup of coffee for unlimited access to all experts. Gone are the days of South Africans missing out on incredibly important mental-health and wellness care because they simply cannot afford it. In the age of technology, these two heavy-weight wellness companies have stepped up to the forefront in order to alleviate the issue of unaffordable mental-health and wellness advice by providing a highly innovative platform for almost anyone to download and utilize, as long as they have access to a smartphone and a bit of data.

This service will be offered on multiple tiers. It will be made available for corporates to offer their clients, universities to offer to their students (as student unfortunately suffer more from mental anguish than any other group) and for corporates to offer to their employees. By adopting this distribution method, multiple groups of will be collectively responsible to supply this amazingly important offering to their members and employees. Almost everyone living within South Africa has a membership of some-sort, be it a loyalty card or an insurance policy. The goal here is to enable the heavy-hitters, with memberships of millions, to offer this to their entire customer base allowing a much larger base of users than would be achievable through any other means.