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Becoming More Eco-Friendly In The Office.
Becoming More Eco-Friendly In The Office, International Mother Earth Day

On the 22nd of April every year, the whole world celebrates “International Mother Earth Day”. This day stands to celebrate our “mother earth” and is here to remind us of the life and sustenance that the earth gives us. Looking after our earth is in our best interests completely. While we can go fully-fledged eco-friendly by cutting out meat, switching to renewables, and composting all our left-over foods. Most of our days are spent in the office. It only makes sense to start becoming more eco-friendly in the office.

3 ways you can be more eco-friendly around the office.

1.) Going Paperless

Ways that you can move towards a paper can include “thinking before you print” and switching to digital communications. The “thinking before you print” rule of thumb would be making a conscious decision not to print if you do not HAVE to. Switching to digital communications can be making all your forms “digital”. A way that you can achieve this is by making all forms “digital” through Adobe Acrobat.

If you cannot avoid printing, a way to being “eco-friendly” about it would be to ensure that every time you print documents that it is printed double-sided. You can also put in a request for your office to buy recycled paper.

2.) “Switching Off ”

Becoming more eco-friendly at work can include getting into the habit of “switching off” lights in the rooms that are not in use. Conserving energy and becoming more eco-friendly can also include turning your computer into sleep or hibernation mode. Going back to the last point, “going paperless” can also help reduce electricity. This solution is very simple in the way that if the printer is not working, electricity is not being used. Other small ways that you can help in the office as an individual can include, making sure no taps in the kitchen are running, as well as not overfilling the kettle when it is being boiled.

3.) Bring your plant to work.

While having a plant in your workspace is very eco-friendly, having plants on your desk at work has also been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and clean the air. Here are the plants that make the best desk companions. Most plants die due to having the wrong watering or lighting, so it is essential that you do proper research before investing in an office plant.

a.) Succulents

As succulents generally grow in the desert, they are super easy to look after if they are on your desk. These little plants do not need to be next to a window to thrive and can be in low-lit areas. They also do not require much water at all.

b.) Orchids

If your desk area has decent natural lighting, buying an orchid could be your “go-to” office plant. Orchids also come in so many different beautiful shapes and sizes. They are also hardy in the way that they can last a very long time if looked after properly.