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Corporate wellness and the value of results

15 years ago when I first started taking an interest in corporate wellness, I called up a few companies to try to gauge the response to wellness in the workplace. Needless to say, 15 years ago people were not exactly keen on implementing wellness programs as they did not understand the direct correlation between employee wellness and increased productivity.

Fast forward to this year and wellness is truly a buzz-word in almost every company. Today employers understand that corporate wellness programs should be put in place to gain a better understanding of how our employees operate. To prove this we just have to look at a few case-studies that we have put together from our clients.

George (not his real name) had a very important job. It was his duty to trace where certain parcels were heading to. He also had to communicate with his direct co-workers in order to guarantee a successful drop. He also needed to pick up parcels and physically move them himself. George was put onto our EAP by his employer and we commenced with various assessments and surveys. We found the following information about George:

He had poor eyesight. He was recommended glasses. George’s poor eyesight caused him a lot of problems. he had to be extra close to boxes in order to see where they were going. This cost George valuable time, which slowed the entire delivery line down.

George had chronic lower back pain. This pain made George work slower at his job, and it demotivated him. We discovered that the reason for his back-pain was purely due to flexibility in his hamstrings. We commenced an exercise program with George.

George had poor hearing in his left ear. We also discovered that George would often ignore his co-workers. This was not due to George being rude, but rather due to his being slightly deaf.

We were able to help George with all of his issues. George got glasses, a hearing aid and some great exercise techniques that he implemented daily. In as little as 4 weeks, George was feeling 75% relief in his back. His entire demeanor had changed, he was happy and smiling at work. His co-workers looked and sounded happier. Boxes were moving and our timing had shown a 35% increase in productivity in one department, all thanks to our corporate wellness program.

This is the reason we implement corporate wellness programs. We assess, we strategies, and we implement. We are results based. Let us help you increase your productivity.