What is Covid-19 Assistance Program?

The COVID-19 outbreak will take a toll on our workforce putting pressure on employee productivity and our clients bottom line. It is our job to ensure we offer the most effective program to combat the decrease in absenteeism and further spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are offering EVERYONE access through multiple platforms at a MINIMAL cost to attempt to contain the virus as best we can as a corporate wellness organisation.

The aim is not to make profit, but rather to cover the cost of hiring 24 hours nurses, telephone lines, infrastructure and training seminars.Our assistance program is designed to offer your staff instant access to scientifically based, accurate information relating to the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, as well as on-site specimen collection for testing. We will also be available to help an individual who may be infected with COVID-19. All employees will get access to a 24-7 toll-free line manned by a qualified, trained nurse, a USSD number for free call back, Updated News relating to Covid-19, Video’s, infographics Live Heat Map and a host of downloadable documents.

What is The Cost of The COVID-19 Assistance Program?

The cost of the fully comprehensive Assistance program, including online training for managers. This is a 3 month initiative we are taking, and the aim is not to make profit, but rather to cover the cost of hiring 24 hour nurses, telephone lines, infrastructure and training seminars. Our aim is to contain the virus through education, assistance and empathy. We cannot let our massive producers, retailers and other businesses fall because of an inability to manage and contain the SARS-COV-2 virus.

Why Use Covid-19 Screening?

Entry and Fever Screening for essential employees is the best way to control an epidemic breaking out within the workplace. Companies throughout the world are utilizing private companies such as Company Wellness Solutions to perform workplace Covid-19 Screening and Testing. We offer fully-proactive fever screening, clinical screening and NICD check-list completion at entry point to all close-contact workplaces in addition to our 24 hour response team.

Preventing a symptomatic employee from entering the workplace, coupled with immediate quarantining, is the most effective way to control the spread of SARS-CoV-2 within the workplace. One infected employee can potentially shut your warehouse, shop, or essential business down.

Being proactive in the fight against Covid-19 is the best way to stop the spread of the virus and ensure productivity is kept to a maximum. By following our steps your company will continue running no matter what happens. Simply:

  • Educate
  • Communicate
  • Screen
  • Test
  • Isolate

How It Works

Company Wellness Solutions employs trained clinicians to help you manage the spread of the Corona Virus within your organisation. We will help you with a full plan and protocol to manage infectious disease within your organisation. It is important to communicate with government throughout this process, and we will do that on your behalf. This ensures quick turnaround time should you experience an incident within your workplace.

  • Screening
  • Protocols
  • Quarantining
  • Government Documents
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • 24/7 Call Centre
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Compliance

Myths Answered on how to  kill Covid-19


How is COVID-19 diagnosed

COVID-19 is diagnosed by a laboratory test, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) molecular test, on a respiratory tract sample (from nose or throat or chest)


How is COVID-19 Transmitted?

The virus is spreading from person-to-person through respiratory droplets such as coughs or sneezes , similar to how influenza and other respiratory pathogens spread.


How can COVID-19 be treated

Treatment is supportive (e.g. provide oxygen for patients with shortness of breath or treatment for fever).Get plenty of rest and drink fluids.Vaccines are also available


Who is most at Risk?

The elderly and individuals with heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases, cancer patients. of infection and disease. healthcare workers have an increased risk of getting COVID-19.


Who can i contact for Information?

For medical/clinical related queries by health care professionals only, contact the NICD hotline at 0800 111131. The NICD General Public Hotline number is 0800 029 999. All lines operate 24 hours a day.


What is close Contact?

Close contact means that you had face-to-face contact within 1 metre or were in a closed space for more than 15 minutes with a person with COVID-19. This contact happened while the person with still “infectious”