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Discrimination Assessment
Discrimination Assessment

This assessment has been compiled by a team of highly qualified professionals .

Discrimination it is an unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people especially on different factors or grounds. The following assessment will outline and determine whether an individual falls within the ranges of discrimination or not

1. Employee Details

2. Questionnaire

1. I feel that I have received negative comments in my workplace regarding the following (please tick as many that applies).
2. Do you feel that you have ever been harassed or discriminated against at work?
3. What did you do after the incident?
4. Do you blame yourself for being harassed or discriminated against?
5. Does your company have rules/policies which they adhere to should you lay a complain about discrimination?
6. Do you know who to go to when you have been harassed or discriminated against?
7. What will you do if you see your colleague being discriminated against?
8. Are you able to recognize that you are inflicting pain, discriminating or harassing others?
9.What will you do when you see that you have discriminated others?
10. What will you want the management to do after a complain of discrimination?
Individual has no experience or background of discrimination at work
Individual has been discriminated however knows policies and rules to follow