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The CWS Employee Assistance Program

Continue reading to discover why our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) is just too good to pass up

What is so revolutionary about our EAP?

An employee assistance program traditionally offers trauma counselling, legal support and debt counselling via a telephonic line. Furthermore it has, up until now, been regarded as a reactive service with low to no utilisation. It is also expensive and can become even more-so if utilisation is high, therefore companies should not be paying large sums of money per employee while being incentivised to NOT use the service.

What makes US Different is our approach, and because we consider ourselves proactive we get a much higher uptake. Our aim is to engage with employees on multiple platforms, from our native EAP app, to our online portal consequently allowing instant and easy access to one of our providers.

And why stop there? We wanted to make an employee assistance program that actually assisted employees, so we added contact with a doctor, a personal trainer and nutritionist (a service that can cost thousands). Now we have an app that will help you become healthier, with unabated access to a psychologist 24/7 to speak about anything, access to a lawyer and financial counsellor, as well as our fitness and wellness experts.

Due to us living in dangerous times, we have added in an optional emergency button, where at a click of a button on our app 5 emergency contacts are notified and location is sent.

The First Digital-Platform Employee Assistance Program in South Africa for All

Digital platforms coupled with an attractive offering not only drives utilization of our eap, but will almost certainly allow us to build rapport with the employee, directly engaging them on numerous levels. With our affordable price coupled with our experience in the employee wellness sector, we are sure that this Employee Assistance Program will soon become the universal standard for EAP programs in South Africa and abroad.

EAP Man On Phone

Medical Doctor Line

We are the first and only EAP provider to offer consults with a medical doctor or GP. Get unlimited virtual GP visits for your staff of just give them access to instant chat with a doctor 5 days a week. This revolutionary service is ONLY available through the Company Wellness Employee Assistance Program. The best EAP in South Africa.

  • Chronic Disease
  • Acute Infections
  • Colds and Flus
  • Remote Covid Checkup
  • Skin Problems
  • Repeat Scripting

  • Injury Management
  • Psychiatric Management
  • Family Planning
  • Vaccine Advice
  • HIV Management
  • Chronic Illness

24/7 EAP Trauma and Counselling Line

A  noteworthy 24/7 EAP trauma and counseling service performed over the telephone. Our Trauma Call Centre Counselling Lines offer telephone counselling ranging from trauma, grief, depression, burnout etc. We offer full reporting and usage statistics, as well as hour-long scheduled telephonic counselling sessions. Our employee assistance program assigns dedicated counsellors to a group, so the employee will get to know his or her personal therapist, thereby creating rapport and building trust within your organisation.

  • HIV and AIDS
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Burn-out/Mental Breakdown
  • Motor Accidents
  • Death and bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Marriage/Divorce

  • Social/Familial Issues
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction
  • Sexual, Physical, Emotional Abuse
  • Suicide
  • High Jacking/robbery/assault
  • Chronic Illness
  • Rape

Legal Assist

Attorneys are available 24-hours a day, ready to provide telephonic legal advice and information. Legal Assist is a telephonic and app based advice platform manned by qualified in-house attorneys who provide guidance on all legal matters. This EAP service has a 2% utilisation band, unless otherwise agreed upon. Benefit to member- general telephonic legal advice which includes:

  • Criminal offenses
  • Property Matters
  • Fines
  • Debt
  • Contracts
  • Divorce
  • Maintenance
  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • One free 30-minute consultation
  • One free letter of demand
  •  One telephone call

We offer the following kits:

  • Divorce kit
  • Small claims court kit
  • Child maintenance kit
  •  Domestic employment agreements (nanny and gardener contracts)

Debt Counselling Assist

The Care Centre Consultants are equipped to answering any personal financially-related questions that Consumers may have such as the following The Care Centre Consultants are also equipped to assist EAP clients with a budget assessment and explain the Consumers’ Budget Story and personalised solutions. Consumers are assisted in the language of their choice on the Counselling line. The line operates during normal working hours from Monday to Friday.

  • National Credit Act
  • Notices, interest rates
  • Right to early settlement
  • Reckless credit
  • Debt repayments
  • Harassment by Credit Providers
  •  Debt prescription

  • Consumer rights
  • Debt affordability
  • Administration,
  • Sequestration,
  • Risk management
  • Debit orders
  • General banking questions

EAP Nutritional Advice

One session with a nutritionist can cost up to R2000… But not with our Employee Assistance Program. Chat with our EAP nutritionist via our app, email or telephonically. A service that is usually extremely expensive is now available for the masses, because we believe everyone has the basic right to know how to eat healthily. Our nutritionist will be available to offer advice on numerous topics including:

  • Healthy eating plans
  • Special diets
  • General advice
  • Recipe ideas
  • Special population guidelines
  • IBS advice
  • Caloric requirements

EAP Fitness and Health Advice

Chat live via our app, website, toll-free or email with a fitness professional. A personal trainer is usually only used by the elite, or those with money to blow, but with us every employee will get full access to exercise programs, fitness regimes, gym plans, transformations and more. This is a unique service that no other EAP provider offers. Our fitness advisors are all highly qualified personal trainers available during working hours.

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