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Fatigue: Fighting Fatigue At Work

Ongoing fatigue and fighting the feeling of being tired sometimes become all too familiar. With the fast-paced lives that we all live, it is often inevitable. Spending most of our days at the office, it becomes important to combat this fatigue any way that we can.

The NHS (2018) in the United Kingdom states that most cases of “tiredness” or fatigue are caused by stress, not enough sleep, poor diet habits, and lifestyle habits. Having control of these factors can potentially boost your energy and increase your productivity.

Here are some ways to fight fatigue at work.

1.) Get your body moving throughout the day.

Keeping your body moving throughout the day can be the answer to fighting fatigue at work. This could mean taking regular breaks during your workday. Taking regular breaks during your workday can help you refocus on your tasks, giving you a different perspective. These breaks will also increase the blood flow to your muscles that have been in the same position for long periods of time. Keeping your body moving could also include easing into a regular exercise routine or getting back into an exercise routine that you once had.

2.) Drink water and drink it often.

Keeping hydrated throughout the day with water could be the next step to keeping your alert levels and energy levels at a good level. NBC News (2017) notes that even slight dehydration can affect your mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly. It was also noted by NBC News (2017) that keeping hydrated will help increase our energy levels by keeping our muscles energized. Keeping hydrated at work would be as easy as keeping a bottle at your desk and filling it up during the day. If you are still getting into the habit, you can set alarms on your phone to remind you to keep drinking that water. You can also avoid dehydrating foods and beverages that will an adverse effect on your energy levels. Salty foods and drinks that contain caffeine.

3.) Eating right throughout the day.

First things, first… skipping breakfast is a big NO. When wanting to increase your energy levels at work. The Cleveland Clinic (2021) says that individuals that regularly eat breakfast perform better and consume fewer calories throughout the day compared to people who skip breakfast. Getting the right nutrition into your body can also be the answer. As previously mentioned in the “nutrition supporting your exercise routine” article, consuming complex carbohydrates will give you sustained energy throughout the day. A few examples of complex carbohydrates are brown rice: oats and quinoa. This sustained energy will keep you going with energy throughout the whole day.