• H.E.L.P stands for Health, Engagement, Lifestyle and Productive.

  • We effectively measure these aspects via an online assessment.

  • The questionnaire takes only a few minutes to complete and can be done completely anonymously.

  • Once completed the results are automatically  matched to corresponding needs and a report is formulated by our team.

  • This service is done at NO CHARGE to the client. We are the only company offering this assessment in South Africa.

What the H.E.L.P Assessment will measure:

  • Health
  • Engagement
  • Lifestyle
  • Productivity
  • Stress and conflict
  • Financial well-being

Because we want to show our potential clients the value in corporate wellness. Through our help assessment we  manage to divulge intimate problems the staff may be dealing with express them in a percentage form, From interpersonal problems to hidden health issues , we will enable management to view the inner workings of their company, creating a completely new viewpoint: one that creates effective collaboration and increased productivity.

The H.E.L.P Assessments has 80 questions, covering a broad spectrum from psycho-social issues to effective engagement techniques to Health issues. We are experts in corporate wellness and this is reflected in our highly effective assessment.

It can take anything from a few minutes  to 20+ minutes depending on the individual completing  the assessment. Those who are in white-collar positions or who are more computer literate tend to complete the assessment quickly. Blue collar workers may take longer . We do offer the service of doing the assessment on-site.

Literally ANY industry!. If you have specific issues you need to determine that are perhaps specific to an industry, we can formulate add-on questions to help uncover these problems.