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Healthy: 4 Ways To Keep Healthy During Your December Break
Keeping Healthy During Your December Break

4 Ways To Keep Healthy During Your December Break

While it has been a year for the books, we can safely say that we have made it to the month of December. As we look out the window, we can also say that our beautiful South African weather knows it is December as well. In anticipation of our long-awaited December breaks, all our good habits should not be left to unravel. All the good habits that you have made, need to stay in your routine to make getting back into your routine easier in January. As we all love to indulge in all things good through the holiday, here are some tips for maintaining some healthy eating through this time.

Keep healthy during your December break with these tips below:

1.) Start your day off right and healthy.

Start your day off right, with the right breakfast. Starting your day off with the right breakfast will get your metabolism into gear. It will also give you the right nutrients if you know that you will be indulging in different food later. There is also the factor of a good breakfast stabilizing your blood sugar levels. If your sugar levels are stable, you will be less hungry, ultimately making you eat less than what you would if you had skipped that breakfast. Oats are a good breakfast to start with, especially when wanting long-lasting energy to sustain you throughout the day.

2.) Stay Hydrated.

While staying hydrated is important on any day, it is especially important during the holidays when you are out and about more as well as indulging in more food. Hydration equals healthy. By drinking your “8 glasses prescribed water”, it is said to keep your hunger under control, ultimately helping you eat less. Keeping hydrated is also great for energy. The energy that you might want for all your holiday activities.

Making the following a habit, during the festive season can keep you well hydrated.

Have water readily available. (With this rule, by having water readily available in front of you, you will most likely drink more water. Carry a water bottle in your handbag everywhere you go, make a conscious effort to get through it by the end of the day.)

Choose water when eating out. (This rule is easy and a money saver too! If you are eating out, make the effort to order water with every meal.)

3.) Focus on healthy and sustainable food groups.

As mentioned in the point of starting the day off with a healthy breakfast. Eating the right healthy foods can help sustain your energy for longer and keep you fuller for longer. It is also to your benefit to add in these foods when you know that you are going to be eating food that might not be as healthy for you. Eating foods like vegetables can help give you vitamins and minerals.

4.) Know your weakness and get back on track.

Knowing what your weakness is when it comes to food can help you when wanting to overstep the line of indulgence. Whatever your food weakness is, you need to make sure that you know when to say no, or when to stop. If you do overindulge in December festivities, you need to know that it is not the end of the world, and you can get right back on track. Not being harsh on yourself for overindulging through the festive season is also important. A few days of luxury eating will not set you back on your health and fitness goals.