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Healthy Family Meals On A Budget
Meals on a budget

Healthy Family Meals On A Budget

Lockdown has South Africans cooking and baking up a storm, which may be a good way to spend time together during lockdown. Social media has been inundated with endless recipes and cooking demos. We love learning new kitchen tricks, but they’re not always entirely practical, especially when we’re only popping out for essentials every now and then. Let’s be realistic: what we need right now are simple budget-friendly meals that won’t use all your supplies in one go.

We’ve rounded up ten recipes that are simple, cheap, and ration-friendly

1.) Chicken and spinach pasta

Chicken and spinach pasta dish can be a superb source of iron, protein (good to keep you full throughout the day), omega-3 fatty acids that are good in your heart health.

2.) Chicken and butternut roast

This chicken and butternut roast will be a great addition to serve at your next dinner. For a simple way to feed the crowd, try this chicken and butternut roast.

3.) Spicy fish pancakes

Fish is an excellent source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and other nutrients. It is also rich in vitamin D which helps with bone health! This recipe makes for a tasty breakfast or snack. This recipe is great for using leftovers. Try the spicy fish pancakes

4.) Homemade cheeseburger pies

These burger pies have the juiciest and most flavoursome burger patties, a generous amount of caramelised onion, and your choice of cheese all wrapped up in puff pastry.

5.) Pork banger one pot wonder

A one pot wonder, the Pork Banger is a delicious and simple meal that you can prepare in under an hour. If you have any sausages left over in your freezer, try out this mini pork sausages with potatoes and onion.

6.) Chakalaka chicken tortillas with coleslaw

In this recipe, shredded chicken is given a home-grown flavor with Knorr Chakalaka Soup, then served on tortillas with a fresh crunchy cabbage coleslaw and a topping of sliced avocado.

7.) Lamb meatloaf with dried fruit stuffing

Lamb meatloaf is a traditional dish that is often enjoyed over festive time. The combination of spices and sweetness in this recipe make it great for the holiday season, however you can enjoy lamb with fruit stuffing any day you want! – this recipe is super simple to prep and the results are delicious.

8.) BLT Potato skins

The potato is a staple in any diet and can be enjoyed on its own, potato skins are given a fun twist with an added savoury egg custard and salsa.

9.) Loaded Kota

Given the essential structure of this popular township street food – a quarter loaf (kota) of bread hollow out and crammed again, bringing it from the burbs of Jozi right to your home.

10.) No yeast magwinya

Usually enjoyed on their own as a snack or for breakfast with a cup of hot tea. Magwinya are quick and simple to cook, and really tasty! Here is the recipe for magwinya.