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Company Wellness Solutions
How Can You Get An EAP Program Implemented In Your Company
corporate wellness and employee assistance

corporate wellness and employee assistance go hand-in-hand. They are both ways to help company employees in need of additional support, and good company wellness programs should incorporate an employee assistance program (EAP).

– corporate wellness and employee assistance isn’t all about faddy seminars and useless competitions; it’s also about creating a culture that supports company employees so they can get on with their jobs. Employee wellness isn’t just for large companies either – all employers no matter how big or small have an obligation to look after the health of their employees.

While most EAPs cover face-to-face counselling, coaching, group discussions and the telephone helpline – Our EAP has instant access to so much more via our application and technology.

So how do you get CWS into your company and implement a corporate wellness and employee assistance program?

1)      Speak to your human resources department: Encourage them to look at Company Wellness Solutions.

2)     Send them links to our website

3)     Email us and ask us to send you a brochure to forward on to your HR

4)     Show your boss our FREE assessments, created to improve staff productivity

5)     Ask us for an APP Demo, so your HR can see the value in our programme.

Score brownie points with your boss and colleagues and implements South Africa’s best, most innovative EAP program in South Africa