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JanuWorry – Prepping For The Longest Month

I think we can all agree that January just seems so much longer than all the other months. After care-free spending over the holiday season, we tend to forget that an extremely long and arduous Janu-Worry is waiting right around the corner, ready to pounce with end-of-month salty cracks as our future staple dinner.

However, we have your backs this year. So don’t stress too much because it’s never too late to start preparing for a great January. From saving tips to mental health. In this article we will be having a look at the things you may need to take stock of – to keep from having such a difficult January.



Ever heard of that saying, ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’? Well, there couldn’t be a phrase truer. To prevent any debt from happening in the New Year, it’s important that you stay on top of your budget. Draw up a plan now and stick to it, so that no unnecessary expenses are made such as frivolous purchases or costly luxuries!


Avoid unnecessary consequences

The most practical and best advice is to not skip any monthly payments in January. Not only does skipping a single payment affect your credit score. It also creates an interest ripple effect that will only cost you more money than what’s saved by skipping those missed payments. All policies should be paid on time with consistency, so they better benefit both current and future beneficiaries at no extra expense.


Take care of yourself

It’s so easy to be consumed by the Janu-Worry madness. It’s important to take time for yourself this by taking care of your mental health. It is an ordinary month after all. So imagine that nothing has changed and block out the rest of the world if you need to. Take a yoga class, go to the gym and embark on a new exercise routine. Perhaps you could even give meditation a try.


Spring clean

January is the perfect time to start fresh. The weather has been so nice and it’s a great opportunity for you take care of some home maintenance tasks like organizing closets or cleaning out your freezer, which might be full of old food!