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Employee medicals are vital in almost all organisations. Whether your staff handle food or climb buildings, they all need valid employee medical certificates. Company Wellness Solutions is now at the forefront of offering affordable, effective employee medicals in South Africa.

Entry Medicals

Exit Medicals

Annual Medicals

Who Needs An Employee-Medical?

  • Logistic workers and drivers

  • Warehouse staff and packers

  • Food handlers

  • Construction and mine workers

  • Cold environment workers

  • Hospitality and retail

  • Distribution centres

  • Education

  • Utility supply

  • At-height workers

Basic Medical

R350p/p ex VAT

Enhanced Medical

R375p/p ex VAT
  • Enhanced medicals include:
  • Glucose
  • Cholesterol Testing
  • BMI
  • Back and Posture Screening
  • HIV Testing

After-Sales Service

  • Employers are granted annual access to a dashboard with employees’ data, allowing them to track medical reports, high-risk employees, and renewal dates.

  • Our Occupational Health Practitioner will provide customized programs and referrals to all unfit employees with guidance to ensure they become fit for work.

  • Our automated system will send reminder notifications when employees need to renew their medicals certificates.

  • Please try to give us at least 2 weeks’ notice once quote has been accepted. Urgent requests can be accommodated.
  • Requests from clients on the outskirts of each metropolitan should be a minimum of 6 employees.
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