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National Siblings Day: The Ultimate bonding-to-do List

The longest bond we’ll have outside of our friendships are with our siblings. If nurtured well, it’s a bond that is unbreakable. Whether making fun of our parents, or needing someone to vent to, our siblings are the best companions to “do life” with. In the spirit of National Siblings Day, we’ve compiled the ultimate bonding to-do list guaranteed to create more memories, and more reasons for you to appreciate each other.

Siblings Trivia

Who knows who the best? You might think you know each other well but you may be surprised at how much or how little they actually know you. Put together a list of questions to answer with your brother or sister. What’s the point of having siblings if you don’t know everything about them? Here are some questions to get you started: “What’s one thing you’ve never told me?”, “What’s something our parents don’t know about you?” or “Which of our siblings is your favourite?”. These are great ways to get to know each other on a deeper level. You might want to record a video to add to your memories!

Get Your Gaming on

Whether it’s a game of “FIFA” or “Call of Duty”, a good Xbox or PlayStation game is known to unite or divide – but also a good way to hype up the energy.

Slumber Party for Two or Three

Slumber parties are a great way to strengthen the bond between siblings. Whether it’s for the little ones or an adult version, slumber parties merge our favourite things – food and games – a recipe for a night to remember.

Siblings Versus Parents

Our siblings are our partners in crime when it comes to our parents. Why not team up against them for some fierce competition? Whether it’s “30 Seconds”, a deck of cards, or channeling your inner Lewis Hamilton and going Go-Cart racing. This is a definite way to unify the bond between siblings and the entire family.

Recreate Family Photographs

How many pictures have our parents taken of us that were just plain embarrassing? Probably hundreds. From snaps of bath time tantrums to blowing out your sister’s candles on her birthday, this activity is sure to give you a good laugh. Ask family members for some photos or go through old storage boxes to find the perfect one. Keep the same positions and find similar clothing as the original, and if you can return to the same place the photo was taken – even better! Nothing brings back great memories like recreating family photographs.