We Are Still Holding Covid-Compliant Wellness Days!

Need a Wellness Day?

Wellness Days can be confusing and Expensive

A wellness day should be fun and memorable, additionally it could give you a great return on your investment. It should incorporate providers who fall in line with your company culture and therefore it goes to show that wellness days are more than just getting your medical aid provider to do some tests. You as an employer should get results from your wellness event that practically improve your employees’ lives. Surely your wellness day deserves a professional company to help you get the best prices, from the best service providers.

  • Whether you want a wellness day in Johannesburg, Capetown, Durban or even Rural areas ,we are national. Therefore your staff get the same quality service at all locations.
  • You should be able to conduct an assessment prior to the day, and consequently achieve a better ROI.
  • Management should get a report on every aspect of your event, considering you are paying for a service.
  • The day should be fun, memorable and empowering for staff and as a result increase staff happiness.

A successful employee wellness event forms part of your entire employee wellness program therefore you should also look at incorporating an EAP.

Some of Our Services Below:

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  • Eye and Hearing Testing

  • Glucose, Cholesterol, BMI

  • Cancer Screening

  • HIV Testing

  • Smoothies

  • Chef Challenges

  • Biokineticist

  • Fitness Challenges

  • Workshops

  • Mobile Salon

  • Body Composition

  • Holistic Screenings

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Process Based Team Building

Processed based team-building does not include any equipment, and is based around actionable discussions. These group discussions are immersive and experiential, and aim to equip staff with the ability to better understand themselves and their co-workers. This is a highly effective form of team building that produces fast and noticeable results.

Our processed based team building takes place over 2 days. Employees can be taken away to an offsite venue, during the week or over a weekend. This can also be done onsite, however 2 full days are needed to be dedicated to the programme. The programme can accommodate up to 20 people at a time, and involves problem solving, group discussions, and more. It is NOT a paper-and-pen based assessment, but rather equips staff with the ability to better understand themselves and their co-workers. The programme is immersive and experiential. Very little equipment is needed, save for perhaps some writing material which we provide. This is one of the most powerful team building experiences currently available in the world.

Recreational Team-Building

Recreational team-building is fun. It usually includes equipment such as balloons, inflatables, and various other goodies. The aim of recreational team building is to inspire, motivate and create a sense of enjoyment and appreciation. Recreational team-building is what most companies offer in the way of team-building, what makes us different is our turn-key approach to your needs.

Corporate recreation team building is what most ‘off-the-shelf’ companies offer. It involves lots of equipment and can be done on a budget or extravagantly. Games as simple as tug-of-war and balloon popping, right through to amazing races, inflatables and gladiator rings are some of the exciting activities we offer. These are usually quite physically taxing, however there are less physical activities available such as “The Shark Tank Game” or “Casino Royale”

Team building activities can be incorporated into an on-site wellness day or wellness event, and makes a fun addition to a bland day of testing.

Group Training

What is Group Training

We encourage group training within the office, we offer a large range of training options which will suit any industry and all sizes of companies. Group Training brings the office together and motivates staff to become healthy, while creating a comradery within the office. Our fully qualified trainers are experts in group training and can teach up to 100 people per a class, this is a great way to incorporate wellness into the office. We have notice a massive increase in productivity, moral, comradery, confidence and general increase of well-being.

Available Acitivities

  • Zumba
  • Self-Defense
  • Yoga
  • Boot-camp
  • Pilates
  • Cross-train
  • Kick boxing
  • Aerobics
  • Functional Training
  • Martial Arts
  • FitDance
  • HIIT – High Intensive Interval Training