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Oral Health

A good oral hygiene is an incredibly crucial part of our day-to-day lives that we often take for granted or overlook entirely. Keeping clean teeth can help keep us from developing gum infections, cavities and tooth decay. Maintaining proper dental care can also help prevent other potentially life threatening diseases like cancer, strokes and even more severe effects such as high blood pressure.

Adults and children alike need to take the time to practice good dental hygiene

  • Brush teeth daily with fluoridated toothpaste (or other appropriate product)
  • Drink plenty of water for hydration
  • Floss once a day if possible or at least use an interdental cleaner.

Healthy gums are essential in maintaining your overall wellbeing but poor habits can lead you into financial trouble as well!

The Importance of Oral Health

Cavities are caused by tooth decay, which is the result of bacteria in your mouth. This can be prevented by simply brushing and flossing regularly.

There is more you can do for prevention as well. Anything from chewing sugar-free gum to sucking on sour candies. Or using an antibacterial mouthwash will help keep those cavity-causing bugs away! If after all this advice followed closely we still find ourselves plagued by bad breath then it might just be time to get professional dental help. The dentist may recommend some things such as getting teeth cleaned every six months so plaque does not build up and go unnoticed before becoming too much for us to try to handle alone.

Everybody knows that it can be hard to maintain a healthy mouth at work because of the amount of coffee or tea people drink throughout their day. This causes stains on our enamel making us look older than what we truly are.

Three Easy Steps For Maintaining Oral Hygiene While Working

  1. The first step is to drink lots of water during your shift; this will help flush out bacteria from your teeth.
  2. Make sure you are eating enough fiber so plaque does not form on them either.
  3. Finally, use an alcohol-free antibacterial mouthwash after every meal or snack break.

An employer can promote a healthy mouth in their office by keeping gum and water at the front desk. These are just two small things that will help employees to maintain good oral health while they are on the clock!

The more we understand how oral care affects our whole body, the easier it becomes for us to live healthier lives by taking simple steps each day that will keep our mouths healthy!