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Relieve Your Anxiety
Relieve Your Anxiety , stay calm

How can you relieve your Anxiety? well it is inevitable, but too much stress and anxiety can negatively impact your mood, relationships, sleep routine, and even how your body functions. One needs to practice the art of staying calm, yes it’s not easy, but it can be done. Herewith excerpt from an individual diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)…{When anxiety starts to creep in, for me it is a slow build-up of “you can’t even take a shower, knowing it will make you feel better” to a more panicked version of “You are literally achieving nothing every day.” My anxiety creeps in more quickly and feels like an overwhelming tidal wave. Once the panic emerges, it feels like a battle I just cannot win. The only thing I have learned is to accept this is how I feel right now and that I will not feel like this forever. It will pass. As this mind battle tries to rage on, I’ve learned that the one thing I can do is try to be kind to myself every day. I cannot conquer the world and nor should I have too. But I can do small things to nurture myself.

Here are some examples to help relieve your anxiety:

Self-Sooth with the Five Senses:

HEARING–Breathe slowly and deeply; start to tune in to what you can hear around you. Be careful not to judge the sounds around you, just notice them. If you have difficulty focusing on sounds, bring your focus back to your breathing, try to stay calm.

SMELL–Try smelling all the different aromas around you, what scents can you smell around you? If you struggle, light a scented candle or incense.

SIGHT –What can you see? What colors are present, and what shapes? Are the colors dark or light? All these facts ground you in the room, and in your body, reducing the physical and mental symptoms of anxiety.

TASTE–Eat or drink something. Try to focus on all the different textures in what you’re eating. Are some parts smooth, while others are rough? And does the taste linger after you swallow? Do you feel the heat flowing into your tongue, through your body?

TOUCH–Place your hands on your legs while sitting down. What can you feel under your hands? You might feel the roughness of your jeans or the warmth of your bare skin.

Identifying your Needs

Learn how to say no or ask for what you need. Most of us struggle to ask for anything such as help. By asking someone for what you need, you are already practicing self-compassion which tends to ease anxiety and stress. In order to cope, practice radical self-acceptance and self-compassion. When afraid and at times some experience fight, flight or freeze responses, and this is completely normal. Run a hot bubble bath, listen to some relaxing music, or read a book, this will help improve your ability to stay calm and relieve your anxiety. Sit and give yourself a pedicure or rub cream all over your body and envision the love you’re giving to your body. Tell yourself; “I cannot accomplish everything, but I can accomplish giving the love my body needs.” Take the focus off yourself; ask yourself, how can I contribute to others? Maybe just doing something nice for someone in the moment by making them a cup of coffee or even a hug. Hug’s release tension in the body. When you hug someone, it releases endorphins in your body.