Welcome to your VIRTUAL WELLNESS DAY. Welcome to the most innovative Wellness company in SA.

At Company Wellness Solutions we offer a turn-key custom-built virtual wellness days tailored to suit any business. From a once-off virtual event to an on-going fitness program designed to keep staff healthy, we have a plan to suit any budget and any size company. With our latest feature, Virtual Wellness, you can now utilise the option of having a wellness day LIVE and ONLINE for your employees, with a selection of documents and pre-recordings for employees to download during and after.

A CWS Virtual Wellness Day Offers More

Our Virtual wellness live-sessions offer online wellness programs and activities. It gives you the flexibility of resolving your physical and/or mental issues with a time-centric, result-oriented, and cost-effective solution from licensed online wellness experts.

Get ready to encounter a mind-blowing experience of your complete physical and mental well-being from qualified fitness experts and nutritionists. It is time to make a smarter choice that respects your privacy, time and space constraints to offer you and your employees the best virtual experience at cost-effective prices.

Welcome to a new world of online wellness at your fingertips, courtesy of Company Wellness Solutions.

Eye tests, hearing tests, workshops, fitness classes, team-building, podcasts, downloadable documents and more, available from the CWS Virtual Wellness Team. Don’t sacrifice your wellness event because of Covid, rather embrace the change and GO VIRTUAL. Keep your staff functioning at their best without sacrificing your wellness budget. Call us on 0117069945 or email sales@companywellness.co.za to book your first virtual wellness day now!