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What to look for in a Personal Trainer

Why do you need a personal trainer and what to look for ?

We have put together a list of things to look for in your personal trainer based on our own Fitness Instructors in our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), that will help you decide who would be best to help you. Whether the muscle-bound guy or super-toned girl tasked with your wellbeing is the right person for you. Your trainer needs to have a vast knowledge of anatomy, physiology with a touch of empathy. A screaming banshee is not right for some while others may need the extra push and enjoy a militia-like personality. However, a big voice or a soft disposition won’t get you into shape, only the right mix of exercises and motivation is important. This will give you enough motivation where you are able to push yourself to reach your goals and to keep you fit and going back into the gym.

Credentials and experience of Gym Instructors

This may seem obvious, but it is crucial step in ensuring you find a reputable personal trainer. A trainer should be able to show you a fitness certification in their particular area of expertise. They should be able to prove to you that they have trained and have the qualifications to train you. This ensures they’ve met certain standards of professionalism and competence from a trustworthy organisation. Trainers who have experience have more than likely perfected their process for providing the best cues to help you get the most out of every single rep that you do. So unless you’re okay with being guinea pig, it might be best to resist the urge to cut a deal with a freshly-certified trainer in favour of one who has some previous experience.

A Personal Trainer Core Ability

There is a social categorisation that believes a persons core muscles are your abs, its fallacy that needs to be amended. Your core is made up of deep-seated, slow twitch muscles that need focus and attention. If you want to work your core properly you need to know what you are doing. Unfortunately not all gym instructors understand this, and we advise you to make sure your trainer is well versed in the art of core training.

Flexibility of Personal Trainers

Flexibility is key to proper training and to avoiding injury. Lifting weights shortens your muscles which can cause an array of problems if they are not stretched properly. A good knowledge of anatomy and technique is vital to implement a proper flexibility programme, and is extremely important when you venture into a weight regime. If your trainer is rushing you into weights before properly examining your fitness range, then you should be weary.


Some love it, others hate it, but nevertheless it is an essential part of. gym regime. problems only occur when your cardio programme is not implemented properly, and causes muscle loss rather than fat loss. High Intensity Interval training is the ideal form of cardio but done in moderation. This is also called high- intensity intermitted exercising where you strategically alternate short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery period.

Resistance training

Resistance training is one of the most important components of exercise when you are trying to improve aesthetics for both men and women. More lean muscle mass means a higher resting aerobic rate, which mean you burn more calories during the day when you aren’t exercising. A resistance programme must be tailored especially for you, depending on many factors such as age, current fitness levels, fat percentage, body type and more. A good gym instructor will do a proper assessment before shoving you on a weight machine or forcing you to bench press half your body weight.

It may feel like the prospective of finding the right Gym Instructor is overwhelming but its important to understand what you need to look for. If you feel strongly about some items and don’t have a preference on others, it’s not a problem. You can streamline your search by keeping one thing in mind: Above all else, trust your gut. Look for a knowledgeable and experienced gym instructor who feels like the most natural fit. That’s the one to hire because they’ll not only help you reach your goals, but will also keep you feeling comfortable, motivated and inspired throughout the process.