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Why A Positive Approach To Co-Parenting Is Important
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Co-parenting means both parents working together to bring up their children, sharing the responsibilities, and making joint decisions. If you care about your child’s – and your own – wellbeing, then it’s important to co-parent with a positive attitude. Here’s why:

  • It creates a healthy environment: Children do particularly well in situations where there’s cooperation and positivity between parents. It brings emotional stability and security for children.
  • It reduces conflict: Positivity helps reduce conflict between parents. Less conflict means less stress and a more peaceful environment for everyone involved.
  • It encourages effective communication: A positive approach leads to open and respectful communication between parents which means co-parenting decisions are made constructively.
  • It leads to stability: positive co-parenting makes it easier for parents to be consistent and stick to agreed routines. Children benefit from stability, because they know what to expect from both parents, and this brings security.
  • It offers positive role models: Parents are role models for their children’s behaviour and relationships. Showing positivity and cooperation in their parenting gives a powerful example for children on how to conduct relationships with kindness and respect in their own lives going forward.
  • It boosts the emotional health of parents: A positive approach to co-parenting can allow the family to focus on the joys of parenting rather than on conflicts or negative emotions. Positive co-parenting leads to a happy, healthy family dynamic.