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Women In The Workplace
Women In The Workplace

History of Women In The Workplace

Do you know the history of women in the workplace?  When looking back at how far we’ve come, it is important to understand where we started. In today’s society, it is hard to imagine a world where women were not allowed to work. But this was the reality of America only one hundred years ago when all jobs and professions in which men traditionally worked belonged exclusively to them. Women weren’t even able vote until 1920!

During World War II with so many men off fighting on fronts around the world. Women had no choice but take up roles in factories assembling goods or working alongside soldiers. Doing other manual labor such as loading bombs onto planes. Even though most people still thought this was a man’s job that they weren’t fit for.

Only during World War II did women take any sort of role in society that wasn’t related solely to taking care of their household. Women were widely accepted for the first time in more traditionally masculine occupations during this time. Contributing to both home-front and battle efforts.

Even then most people expected things would return back to normal when everything calmed down again.

The Future of Women In The Workplace

The wage gap has been narrowed, but not eliminated as there is still an imbalance between genders. With pay based on education levels or experience levels. Women have always had a hard time getting ahead as they were often relegated into lower-paying jobs that did not have high responsibilities, slowing their progress up the career ladder where men could move faster.

Women are now granted more liberties than ever before. One of these is to pursue careers rather than jobs. This change continued as states began passing legislation allowing married women equal access to educational opportunities which also opened up career options.

Women have made great strides in the workplace over the past century. And are now more present at work then ever before. The one major adjustment that society needs to learn is to accept the fact that women work just as hard.

We hope you found this blog post informative about how far women have come and where they need to go next!