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Company Wellness Solutions
Become An Affiliate

Become An Affiliate For Wellness Campaigns

  • Get access to gainful clients
    by joining our onsite wellness affiliates.
  • We are growing substantially and cementing our place within the corporate world of South Africa.
  • We have offered our services to over 150 clients and supported over 100 000 employees in dealing with their everyday challenges.

Become An Affiliate On Our Mobile

  • Being an affiliate on our mobile app means you get unlimited access to growing your client base.
  • Our innovative mobile app allows over 1.5 million registered members to seamlessly reach out to experts at the click of a button.
  • MyCare24 members hold an LSM of 6-10 making our platform the biggest lead generation wellness app in Africa.

Become An Affiliate As A Face-To-Face Registered Counsellor

  • We have thousands of people looking to chat to experts such as yourself.
  • Chat to them on our app, refer them to your practice and make money! With stiff competition in almost any sector, it is getting increasingly difficult to source quality clients.
  • As an affiliate counsellor with us, you get access to thousands of gainful customers.