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Company Wellness Solutions
Occupational Health and Employee Medicals

Occupational Health and Employee Medicals

We believe that people are the number one asset in any business and at CWS, we aim to support businesses to reduce the risk of injury, improve occupational health standards and help contribute to overall employee wellness via employee medicals. We have a national network of highly skilled health professionals dedicated to doing just that through targeted occupational health and wellness programs.

Our dedicated team have the expertise, experience and commitment to assist with your organisational occupational health and employee medicals needs. Our Occupational Health offering include clinic enhancement programs, resource placement, workplace risk exposure management and insight into data.

CWS employee medicals, occupational health

Clinic Enhancement Programs

  • Regular Wellness Initiatives
  • Clinic Operations Management
  • Interaction of CWS OHS Team
  • Insightful Reporting
  • Medical Supplies
  • Informative Brochures In Line with National Health Calendar

Resource Management and Placement

  • Sourcing, Recruiting and Vetting of Professionals
  • OHP Management and Placement
  • OMP Management and Placement
  • Manage a workplace health program to establish the physical, psychological and social well-being of the employee in a safe working environment.
  • Absenteeism Management & employee medicals

Workplace Risk Exposure Management

- OHS Employee Medicals including:

  • Pre-employment Medicals
  • Periodic Medicals
  • Exit Medicals

- Primary Health Care Management
- Medical surveillance and biological monitoring - employee medicals

Insight Into Data

  • We believe in order to show value as your turnkey wellness partner who now operates in the OHS space, we need to uncover areas of improvements that could have an impact on the organization. We are offering to conduct a risk assessment and GAP analysis in the Clients Premises with recommendations to show our innovation and value.
  • Hazzard Assessment
  • Gap Analysis against SASOHN standards

Company Wellness Solutions employee medicals, occupational health

Who Needs an Employee Medical ?

Request a Quote For Employee Medicals.

Request a Quote For Employee Medicals.

Fill in address details
Fill in address details

  • Please give us at least two weeks’ notice once quote has been accepted. Urgent requests can be accommodated.
  • Requests from clients on the outskirts of each metropolitan should be a minimum of 6 employees.
  • Requests from clients within the metropolitan areas require a minimum of 4 employees.
  • Each OHP can accommodate a maximum of 10 employees per day. Additional OHP’s will be added if your headcount exceeds 10