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Company Wellness Solutions
Employee Assistance Program

What is an Employee Assistance Program?​

Think of the Company Wellness Solutions’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as your organisation’s secret weapon in fostering a supportive and productive work environment. It’s not just a perk; it’s a strategic tool that offers confidential, professional support to employees. The goal of an Employee Assistance Program? To ensure personal problems don’t throw them off their professional game and to maintain optimal wellness across your team, increasing productivity across the board. We also offer a comprehensive monthly usage report so you can see the trends in your company in real-time!

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a multifaceted resource, providing everything from counselling and mental health support to debt advice, legal advice, and even health advice. We’re your employee’s back-up plan for when life gets tricky, ensuring that personal challenges don’t spill over into their work. All of this is done over multiple platforms such as our unique App, web portal, toll-free number or even USSD. From an HR perspective, integrating our EAP into your benefits package is a strategic move. It’s an investment in your team’s well-being that pays off in spades, boosting productivity, engagement, and loyalty to the company.

In a nutshell, an EAP (and specifically our Employee Assistance Program South Africa) is a crucial component in your toolkit for building a supportive, productive, and resilient workplace. So, if you’re looking to take your company’s support systems to the next level, our Employee Assistance Program is a smart, strategic choice that delivers both immediate and long-term benefits. Scroll down to find out more about how our Employee Assistance Program works differently to the rest!

CWS employee assistance program eap

Why is our employee assistance program Different?

The Company Wellness Solutions’ Employee Assistance Program is innovative, holistic and all inclusive. Our EAP is designed to support employees with daily challenges and proactively get them on their feet. We aim to improve employee productivity in the workplace and lower both presenteeism and absenteeism. We strive to increase staff morale and ensure all members are safe, healthy, debt free, and mentally sound. This program offers insight, assistance, and advice to employees – while providing a platform for them to call, chat or view content relating to everyday problems. Eight dependents are included in your employee’s EAP. There are no limitations to the usage of our Employee Assistance Program.

CWS employee assistance program eap

The benefits of an EAP in South Africa:

  • Improved Employee Productivity

    EAPs can help employees address personal and work-related problems that may affect their job performance, such as stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. By providing employees with the resources and support they need to manage these issues, employers can help improve employee productivity and performance.

  • Reduced Absenteeism and Turnover Rates

    Employee Assistance Programs can help reduce absenteeism and turnover rates by addressing the underlying causes of these issues. By providing employees with access to counseling and other support services, employers can help employees manage personal and work-related problems that may cause them to miss work or leave their job.

  • Enhanced Organizational Performance

    EAPs can help enhance organizational performance by promoting a culture of wellness and support. When employees feel valued and supported, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, which can lead to improved job satisfaction, teamwork, and overall organizational performance.

  • Cost Savings

    EAPs can also provide cost savings to employers by reducing healthcare costs associated with untreated mental health and substance abuse issues, as well as costs associated with absenteeism, turnover, and reduced productivity.

  • Improved Employer Brand and Reputation

    Offering an EAP can help enhance an employer's brand and reputation as a socially responsible and caring organization that values the well-being of its employees. This can help attract and retain top talent and enhance the organization's overall image in the community.

Categories of support that form part of your EAP:

What makes our Employee Assistance Program different is our approach; and because we consider ourselves proactive, we are able to achieve a much higher uptake than our competitors. Our aim is to engage with employees on multiple platforms, from our native EAP app, to our online portal consequently allowing instant and easy access to one of our providers. The best EAP provider in South Africa.

mental health support

Unlimited counselling and resources to address mental health concerns. Continuously available with instant access.


We provide confidential and professional support to help employees manage financial challenges and improve financial wellness.


Instant access to a portfolio of legal advisors ready to assist with any challenges you may encounter.


We provide resources, coaching, and tools to help employees improve physical health and wellness, manage stress, and prevent illness.


We provide confidential assistance and resources to help employees improve dietary habits, manage health conditions, and enhance overall wellness.


Company Wellness Solutions now offers E-Care support, an affordable, easy platform to connect your staff directly to a health professional. 

What makes us different

All counsellors are registered with the HPCSA and ASCHP
Our counsellors have the ability to assist in trauma and life coaching providing a holistic solution for our members. Our HPCSA counsellors have over 720 hours of practical experience and a 4 year BPsych Degree. These counsellors follow the biomedical model of counselling and a westernised approach, they are also trained and encouraged to adopt and contextualise their counselling for the South African cultural landscape.
Turn-key wellness partner
Other wellness and EAP providers subcontract some or all of their work to others. Company Wellness Solutions is the most comprehensive, turn-key wellness and EAP provider in South Africa, utilising in-house registered counsellors and staff to conduct our wellness events and EAPs. Whether you need assessments, a unique wellness event or a comprehensive EAP, Company Wellness Solutions’ dedicated staff will create a tremendous, customised Employee Wellness Program that produces tangible results.
Our presence throughout the country and internationally
While our head office is in South Africa, we have branches in over 13 countries. We cover most of Africa, and we have a presence in Europe, the UK and are presently opening an office in the USA. Our innovation and tech allow us to cater to almost any country, integrating our application, web-presence, and toll-free access seamlessly.
Whilst some of our competitors have ‘years’, CWS has innovation
Company Wellness Solutions was opened in 2017 and has since become a force to be reckoned within South Africa and abroad. Over the last five years we have signed up almost 200 000 members to our program, with just over 90% client retention. Our very first clients ever are still with us, which shows our dedication to delivering consistent, quality service to our clients.
The first in our field to offer a variety of products
Where we go, others follow. Company Wellness Solutions was the first EAP company in Africa to offer instant access to five categories of service providers. We were the first to include live, instant access to personal trainers and registered dietitians via live chat on our application. We were also the first to include a digital doctor built within our EAP to handle all your difficult Occupational Health needs.
Reporting monthly, quarterly, and annually showing you the return on investment with an interactive reporting dashboard that can be customised at the click of a button
Accurate, regular reporting built in to your EAP at an affordable monthly rate for all your clients. Most of our competitors only offer quarterly static reports while we offer monthly interactive reporting with click-down ability. Spend time looking at your reports and have the ability to view deeper details.
Dedicated account managers
Every company on our books receives a dedicated account manager. Most of our competitors only offer this service to their larger clients. We believe each company, no matter how small, deserves their own account manager. The dedicated manager is there to help should you be experiencing any issues with your program deliverables. Your account manager will also help you arrange wellness days and implement your value-added services.
High utilisation
We are the highest utilised EAP in Africa boasting an average 24% utilisation across the board.
Integrated, free assessments
Know where to start with our embedded Employee Well-Being Assessment, providing you with real data to monitor your employees’ well-being. Our unique Employee Well-Being Assessment offers our clients the ability to measure their current wellness level and gauge the improvement thereof.
Highest Google rating
We have the highest Google rating out of any wellness company in South Africa. Every day our clients’ employees are raving about the service they have received from us. Google us and see for yourself.
My HR Wellness portal
Company Wellness Solutions is the only EAP provider that offers an easy-to- navigate platform where HR can now use content, promote the EAP, refer their employees and make contact with their account managers online at the click of a button.
We are always relatable
We allow every employee to select which demographic, age, gender and language of the expert that will be assisting them, ensuring the employee opens up and feels comfortable with the experts helping them.
Multiple ways to get help
We cater to all employees, and strongly believe in the right of access to our program. We have numerous ways for an employee to get in touch with us, from toll-free lines, USSD and web-portals, through to our premium Native Application.
Our one-of-a-kind application
Our unique application, available on all mobile phones, is the only wellness app that offers live, instant contact with an expert. It also has numerous features available such as a calorie counter and mood tracker. In fact, there are so many amazing features on our app that we couldn’t list them all. Ask your consultant for a free demo and see for yourself.
We support your employees and up to eight of their dependants
Why should only your employees be covered under our program. We allow your employees to give up to eight immediate family members access to our app and our service at no extra charge to them or to you.
Our offering is uncapped with no restrictions
Once you sign up with Company Wellness Solutions, you will never need to worry about reaching your limit again. We are the only EAP provider with absolutely NO utilisation limit. Why should your staff not get access to a program that you are paying for because someone else over-utilised the program? With us, what you see is what you get, and that is unlimited help for your staff as and when they need it.
Multiple languages and local support
In glorious Africa, we know there are hundreds of different languages. In South Africa alone, we have our service offered in 11 national languages. If your staff member wants a native counsellor, we have one available.
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Learn about the my Company wellness APP

Discover The Most Intuitive, Behaviour-Changing App

You don’t need to give your staff cheap movie tickets to make them more productive. You need to actively engage with them, measure their health and mental wellness, and encourage positive behaviour. Our app helps staff manage their wellness, their mental health, their moods, and their vitality… and puts them directly in touch with an expert. Live. Immediate. Online. Always.

CWS employee assistance program eap
CWS employee assistance program eap App
CWS employee assistance program eap App
Company wellness Solutions employee assistance program eap App
employee assistance program eap App


The home page of our app learns what you enjoy, offering up relevant information to the user. If you use the calorie tracker often, then you will get notified when new eating plans are loaded up.



The CWS app has a built-in goal tracker. It contains pre-populated goals and it also has an option for you to create your own goals. Financial, spiritual, personal, physical. Easily increase staff vitality.


Actively track your mood with our mood tracker. This will help us monitor your moods according to your life patterns. This will give you the tools to self-reflect and become an overall happier person.


Instant chat with a counsellor, lawyer, debt counsellor, personal trainer or nutritionist. Our experts are ONLINE and ready to help you no matter where you are in the world. It’s an expert in your pocket!


Reduce Presenteeism

Presenteeism can cost the country four times that of absenteeism. With our app’s built-in features, we actively help reduce presenteeism and monitor productivity within the workplace. We encourage openness with our mood-tracker, and help staff come to terms with their issues via our journal option. We even have a dream tracker, a goal tracker and so much more.

CWS employee assistance program eap

Enhance Your Employee assistance Program by managing absenteeism

What We Offer

CWS employee assistance program eap

Manage your employees’ health and vitality by offering instant-access to a health professional. Save your company and staff from experiencing avoidable losses due to absenteeism or work-related illnesses. Can you really afford not to have the CWS-Care platform in your work environment?

Services include:

Company Wellness Solutions employee eap assistance program
Company Wellness Solutions employee assistance program eap

Available on below platforms:

Extra points to note:

Company wellness solutions employee assistance program eap

Let’s Get Your EAP Going