The World’s Most Innovative EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

The First Digital-Platform Employee Assistance Program in South Africa

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South Africa’s most innovative employee assistance program (EAP) is now available at even better prices, with even more features. Digital platforms coupled with an attractive offering not only drives utilization of our EAP, but also allows us to build rapport with your employees, directly engaging them on a more personal level. With our affordable price coupled with our experience in the employee wellness sector, we are sure that the CWS Employee Assistance Program will soon become the universal standard for EAP programs in South Africa and abroad

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The Right Tools. The Best EAP in SA.

What makes our Employee Assistance Program Different is our approach; and because we consider ourselves proactive, we are able to achieve a much higher uptake than our competitors. Our aim is to engage with employees on multiple platforms, from our native EAP app, to our online portal consequently allowing instant and easy access to one of our providers. The best EAP Provider in South Africa.

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24/7 Counselling

Instant access to a registered counsellor, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Toll-free, USSD, Website or Native App, we are always available to help your staff.

Legal Advice

Get access to an experienced legal advisor to help you with your day-to-day lives. Fast, easy, cheap.


Debt counselling, credit reports, budgeting, and general financial issues, we cover them all, anytime you need help.

Fitness programs

Access to a qualified personal trainer is now available to everyone. Fitness advice, programs, and more

Nutritional Plans

Personalised eating plans could cost thousands. Now your employees get access to healthy plans included in their EAP. Healthy employees are more productive, FACT!

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What Makes Us Different?

Unlimited Utilisation

We are the only PROACTIVE EAP provider in South Africa. This means that we actively encourage utilisation on our Employee Assistance Program, and we do not charge you more when you use it more. Our apps, plus our broad range of counsellors make it possible for us to offer our EAP to any market. USSD, Toll-free, Native Apps, Website. Warehouse or IT Team, you can.

Multiple Platforms

No matter what industry you are in, we are here to help with an appropriate offering. Our EAP is available via Toll-free line, or USSD, which is completely free to the employee. Alternatively we have a web portal where the individual can chat live to a service provider. The next step up is our unique EAP App, available on the play store or iStore. No matter the industry, we have a solution.

Any Industry

We don’t discriminate, and offer our services at the same price for all employees. It doesn’t matter if your staff work in a warehouse packing boxes, or sell software to corporates, we offer all options in our EAP package at a set price. We are experts at launching successfully in Distribution Centres, as well as launching in accounting firms. Any Industry, Any Person.

Easy to Access 100%
Proactive 100%
Accessibility 100%
11 National Languages  100%
All Industries 100%
No Discrimination 100%

Some of our EAP Clients (We Assist The Best):

We Are A Premium Wellness & EAP Company

Being a premium provider means we only offer the highest caliber of services to our clients. Our existing members know that when they need something done, or when they need a customised EAP program, Company Wellness Solutions is the company that will go the extra mile. Our ethos and willingness to help is evident in our level of service. Just look at our reviews online to see the difference!

We Are Helpful

We always perform at 110%. Our staff are trained to go the extra mile when it comes to customer satisfaction. Try us and see

We Have Intuition

We have loads of experience when it comes to wellness and Employee Assistance Programs in South Africa. No one does it better

We Are Young At Heart

We understand millennials and we understand innovation, more-so we understand the South African Market and Employees.

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