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New Year Resolutions
New Year Resolutions

As they say, new year, new you! You’re probably already organizing your New Year’s Eve decorations and heartfelt toasts to ring in the new year because 2023 is rapidly approaching. But partying aside, it’s time to reflect on 2022 and build your New Year’s resolutions.

Make them work for you
Setting New Year’s resolutions are easy. Most of us do it every year. But it’s following through with those resolutions that is the difficult part. We often set goals that are unrealistic, unattainable and vague, and bite off more than we can chew. This usually results in our abandoning most of them before the year has properly set in which leaves us feeling like failures and beating ourselves up. If you are determined to set new year goals, the tips below will help set achievable goals that will give you an emotional boost.
• Make only one resolution. If you cram too many resolutions onto your New Year’s list, you are heading for disappointment. Rather focus on one attainable goal at a time. It makes a lot more sense to put all your energy into achieving one reasonable and realistic goal rather than face the disappointment of not achieving dozens of unrealistic goals.

• Write down your plan. A vague goal in your head is going to quickly fade away. Writing your goals, in detail, will help you stick to them. A plan can include the steps you need to achieve to reach your overall aim and the strategies you will use to keep on track.

• Pick a new resolution. Have you attempted to reach the same resolution year after year, only to keep ending in failure? Picking a resolution that you’ve failed time and time again doesn’t do much for your confidence or self-belief. Rather pick a new, fresh resolution you haven’t attempted before. If you are determined to try the same resolution again, then how about giving it a twist? Change the approach, make it more realistic and less ambitious. Spend some time thinking about why you couldn’t keep it and then put the necessary safeguards in place.

• Pick a resolution that inspires you. The best way to ensure that your resolution is successful is to pick one you find inspiring and exciting. Often these are resolutions that help you grow spiritually or emotionally. A resolution that you can feel passionate about, will be easier to reach and will make you feel fulfilled.

• It must be for you alone. Don’t make a plan to please other people. Your resolution must benefit you and must be something that you want to achieve for your own good and not someone else’s. Ask yourself honestly why you want to achieve that particular resolution.

Acknowledge successes along the way. Don’t just focus on the end goal. When you write down your plan, include markers along the way that you can celebrate as small successes and reward yourself when you reach them.