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Discover The Most Intuitive, Behaviour-Changing App

You don’t need to give your staff cheap movie tickets to make them more productive. You need to actively engage with them, measure their health and mental wellness, and encourage positive behaviour. Our app helps staff manage their wellness, their mental health, their moods, and their vitality… and puts them directly in touch with an expert. Live. Immediate. Online. Always.

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CWS employee assistance program eap App
CWS employee assistance program eap App
employee assistance program eap App
Company wellness Solutions employee assistance program eap App


The home page of our app learns what you enjoy, offering up relevant information to the user. If you use the calorie tracker often, then you will get notified when new eating plans are loaded up.



The CWS app has a built-in goal tracker. It contains pre-populated goals and it also has an option for you to create your own goals. Financial, spiritual, personal, physical. Easily increase staff vitality.


Actively track your mood with our mood tracker. This will help us monitor your moods according to your life patterns. This will give you the tools to self-reflect and become an overall happier person.


Instant chat with a counsellor, lawyer, debt counsellor, personal trainer or nutritionist. Our experts are ONLINE and ready to help you no matter where you are in the world. It’s an expert in your pocket!


Reduce Presenteeism

Presenteeism can cost the country four times that of absenteeism. With our app’s built-in features, we actively help reduce presenteeism and monitor productivity within the workplace. We encourage openness with our mood-tracker, and help staff come to terms with their issues via our journal option. We even have a dream tracker, a goal tracker and so much more.

CWS employee assistance program eap
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Healthy Staff

If you want to have more productive staff, you need to increase their vitality. In the past this has been done through “incentives” such as cheap movie tickets, or discounted flights… but do these incentives really work? Our research says no. What does work is actively engaging with staff, offering a high-value program at no cost to them, with the ability to live chat for free with the experts they need.