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“Parent moon”: The benefits of kid-free vacations
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It sounds cheesy but hear us out. Parents need some time off from piles of child-sized laundry, morning tantrums or separating siblings fighting over what cartoons to watch. It’s time to stop fantasising about that much needed kid-free vacation and actually take some time out for some adult rest and relaxation.

We get it, there are a lot of things to consider when it comes to breaking away from your little ones and not-so-little ones. From affordability to setting the kids up with the right babysitter, it can be overwhelming enough to not want to go at all. This is why we’ve put together a few reasons why a “parent moon” is important and beneficial to being the best parent for your kids.

We all need some space

It’s tempting to keep a close eye on our children, but they cannot learn to be independent if we’re not willing to give them a bit of freedom. Giving them a chance to do things on their own, like doing their chores without adult supervision or leaving them in the care of a trusted adult, lets them know that you trust them enough to be without you for a short period of time.

Reconnect with your partner

Just as much as our kids need our attention so does the relationship with our partner. Date nights keep the spark alive but going away for a few days helps us remember who we were before the mini versions of ourselves came into the world. A bit of time away in the mountains or by the beach is an opportunity to refill your parent cup and give your relationship the energy and time it deserves too.

Go on a “solo-cation”

Traveling alone will change your worldview in ways that you never thought possible. You just have to ease into it Book an Airbnb nearby before heading out to another province. You might be surprised what a different environment could do for your wellbeing.

A different bond

Giving your kids time to spend with an aunt, grandparent or uncle gives them an opportunity to get to know their relations on a whole new level and strengthen their bond. Our kids are always with us – when they spend time with a family member or trusted friend, they have a chance to create new memories.

You deserve it                               

It’s easy to feel guilty about taking a break from your parental duties but being a parent doesn’t stop, so taking a few days off can count as self-care. Being able to kick back at a spa or a resort is not only necessary for your mental health but for the relationship with your kids too.

A better parent

We cannot pour from an empty cup. When you take time out for yourself, you are refreshed and rejuvenated – which helps you become more present for your children. It’s also a great way to set a good example for your children that taking care of yourself should be a priority and not a luxury.