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Some Ways to Keep Motivated This Winter
keep motivated this winter

As we roll into June, the newly found chill in the air is the topic of conversation for most. The Independent UK (2020) states that the colder months result in an increase in illness as well as an increase in overall mood and motivation. Keeping motivated and in high spirits, like keeping warm in this weather is a struggle sometimes. There are a few ways that you can keep motivated this winter.

1.) Set goals for yourself for winter.

Goals are a good source of motivation, and it works both ways, in the way that if you are motivated… you are setting goals. As mentioned in the “New year, new you” article, there are a few ways to set up and stick to your new goals. One of the first steps to setting up a goal would be to write it down. It has been noted that there is a big correlation between writing your goals down and achieving them. This gives you something to be accountable for. With reference to making goals for motivation in winter, make your goals shorter term as if your goals are longer term, you have a chance to procrastinate.

The next step would be creating goals in all areas of your life. In line with keeping motivated this winter, this will keep you motivated in all areas of your life. Whether it is nutritional, physical or mental health-related, having small goals in each area will help keep the energy up. Bring back to the first steps of goal setting. The goals that you are setting need to be realistic and attainable, this will ultimately keep you motivated through the cold season.

2.) Emphasize on self-care.

Understanding self-care is extremely important as it has a ripple effect. With the winter season in particular, a little uplifting is needed. As you are maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, those good feelings are transmitted to others. In saying this, when you are looking after your wellbeing sufficiently you are not only considering your needs alone. One of the biggest factors to self-care mentioned is “mindfulness”. Becoming mindful is the simple ability to being fully present, conscious of your surroundings, where you are, and what you are doing. By being conscious of what is happening around us, you should not feel overly reactive or overwhelmed by anything. By practicing self-care you are uplifting yourself as well as others.